Holman Family Child Care


Here at Holman Family Child Care, I provide:
  • Quality care for children 6 weeks to five years old.
  • Well-maintained indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • Nutritious lunch and snacks.
  • Developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Preschool program for ages two thru five.
  • A safe and respectful environment where your child can feel secure to explore and learn
Please explore the other sections here on my website to learn more about me and the care and education I would be providing for your child. Among the site’s information are my qualifications, pictures, a little bit about my background and experience, and of course a way to contact me. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Kim@HolmanFamilyChildCare.com Thank you!


“The decision to have a child Is to accept that your heart will forever walk about Outside your body” -Katerine Hadley